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New Modern Vein Treatments

In the past couple years there has been tremedous improvement in the way to treat unwanted spider and reticular veins in the legs and facial areas. The types of treatment are similar but improvements to the sclerosing agents used in the injection are more effective than before and also less painful to the patient.

New detergent sclerosing agents have replaced hypertonic saline as the choice to eliminate spider veins and reticular veins by injection. These newer agents also have an anesthetic effect where the patient is more comfortable during and after the procedure. Adverse effects have virtually been eliminated and these newer agents are much more effective in starving the vein of protein and collapsing and eliminating these veins quickly.

What Makes Us Different and Makes Us Unique!

What makes us unique is that: we have and utilize all of the latest technologies and sclerosing agents available to ensure a successful treatment and outcome. We evaluate your vein condition from both a medical perspective as well as from an aesthetic standpoint to be able to offer you the clearance you desire short-term and long- term satisfaction. Pre- treatment evaluation with Dr Ardalan will diagnose other possibly underlying reasons for your unwanted veins medically as well as setting expectations clinically so you may understand what is expected and the clinical endpoint to your treatments.

The major difference is that we sell results and not individual treatments.

We take a medical approach to your vein treatments and offer varying types of modalities and technologies to ensure success.

Join the hundreds of other satisfied patients that have benefited in having these treatments performed by qualified physicians. By providing a medical vein treatment program and by utilizing technology we are different This is what makes us unique and for you to experience the “New You” 

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