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                          Skin Rejuvenation by "Platelet Rich Plasma"(PRP) 

  1. What is Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet RichPlasma (PRP) is blood plasma that contains a concentrated source of autologgous platelets. The platelets collected in PRP are activated by adding thrombin and calcium chloride which induces the release of these factors by degranulation of the alpha granules produced.

Growth factors and or cytokines present in PRP include: Connective tissue growth factor (wound healing)
Insulin-like growth factor 1 and 2 (ILGF)

Vascular endothelial growth factor (organ regeneration.

Epidermal growth factor (wound healing/aesthetics) (EGF) Interleuken 8 (ILGF)
Fibroblast growth factor (wound healing/aesthetics)
Keratinocyte growth factor (wound healing/aesthetics)

Transforming growth factor beta (TGFß)








  Platelet Rich Plasma Advantages (Advantage Use):

PRP promotes local tissue growth and repair of

damaged tissue.


Patient safety:

Natural and Non toxic

No adverse or allergic reaction


Other injectible solutions for skin are: Synthetic (HA Dermal Fillers/Collagen)

Bacteria (Botox, Dysport, & Xeomen)

Have a limited life span (reabsorbed by body)


Other benefit include:


Convenience of having PRP treatments at Eclectic Aesthetic Health Center.

Simple to use and no need for external materials for injection.

Very few Contraindication

Targeted and accelerated healing

Short recovery time

Rapid result with long term benefits  




















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